Company information

Can I purchase a TurtleBox or Turtle Port-a-Robe?

Yes. TurtleBox and Turtle Port-a-Robe are available to purchase. Please contact us via email or on 1300 887 853 to discuss your order.

Do you offer long term rental?

Yes we do. For hiring periods greater than 8 weeks please contact TurtleBox here or call us on 1300 887 853 to discuss your requirements in detail.

Removal information

How does the removal process work?

Call 1300TURTLE for booking a removal. The description you tell us about your products to be removed will allow us to assess your requirements. We will send in the loaders and the vehicles on the booked time and perform the removal.

Will I get the turtle boxes free when booking for removals?

Yes. The company will provide you the turtle boxes for the removal services for free.

What are the areas you offer your removal services?

We offer our services for Melbourne area only. If you are unsure about your area, please call us on 1300 887 853.

Ordering Information

What happens after I order online?

After your order is placed online a TurtleBox representative will contact you to confirm the order and arrange a convenient time for delivery.

Can I add to my order or extend my hire period after the products are delivered?

Yes you can. Please contact us via email or on 1300 887 853 to discuss your order.

What if I want to return my order early or extend the hire period?

No problem. Please contact us via email or on 1300 887 853 to discuss your order.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the Melbourne Metropolitan area only. If you are unsure whether you live in the Melbourne Metro area please contact us via email or on 1300 887 853.

Can I take TurtleBox interstate?

No. Unfortunately, TurtleBox cannot be taken interstate at this stage. Please keep an eye on our website for changes to this policy.

Can I collect or drop off the order myself?

No. Unfortunately our warehouse is not staffed at all times to accommodate collections and drop-offs.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major Credit Cards, Electronic Funds Transfer or Cash on Delivery.

Can you call me before you deliver or collect?

Yes. Prior to delivery and pick up, a TurtleBox representative will contact you to arrange a convenient time.

What is the delivery cost if my order is less than $50?

A $10 delivery charge is applied to orders less than $50.

Turtle Box Information

What is a TurtleBox?

TurtleBox is an environmentally-friendly moving and storage box available for hire in Melbourne. Our boxes are made from 100% recyclable materials and are designed to protect your belongings whilst reducing the amount of cardboard being sent to landfills.

What are the dimensions of TurtleBox?

The dimensions of each TurtleBox are 600 X 400 X 335mm and they have a 50 litre capacity.

What is the load limit of TurtleBox?

The load limit is 35kg per TurtleBox and can be safely stacked 4 high when fully loaded.

What is a Turtle Port-a-Robe?

Turtle Port-a-Robe is used to safely store and transport clothing on hangers. It is made of heavy-duty plastic corflute and is easy to move and maneuver.

Why not use cardboard boxes?

Cardboard boxes are not designed to protect your belongings like TurtleBox. Cardboard boxes take time to assemble, dismantle and dispose of. They do not stack neatly or securely and can collapse on themselves, especially if they are exposed to moisture. Cardboard can collect mould and mildew, which can be toxic to humans. More importantly, forests are chopped down to manufacture cardboard boxes, which eventually end up in our landfills!

Are the boxes cleaned after each use?

Yes, after each collection our boxes and Turtle Port-a-Robes are returned back to our warehouse where they are sanitised and prepared for their next job.